Tom DelMonte
I wish I could say I am a life-long Narb, but I’m not.  I grew up in Havertown, spent my college years in Happy Valley (Penn State) and then met my beautiful wife whose family DID grow up in Narberth.  So, that was as good a place as any to start our lives together.  And I’m glad we did.  Shortly thereafter my job with SAP (business software company) brought our family to Germany for 3 wonderful years. 
Coming back we could have lived anywhere, but we chose Narberth.  The small town centers and family markets of Heidelberg, Germany made us appreciate that way of life, and drove us to find that back home.  And the answer was right in front of us – move back to Narberth. I enjoy getting involved with Narberth happenings.  I’m a soccer commissioner for the Narberth Athletic Association, I’m a member of my church council (Holy Trinity Lutheran) where my wife is also on their Christian Education committee and teaches Sunday School.  I also help out with a wonderful environmental stewardship organization called Narberth Greens.  Anyone that lives in and around Narberth knows Narberth Greens.  And lastly, our family shops local at every opportunity.  There isn’t a gift-giving opportunity that doesn’t warrant a trip to Sweet Mabel, Character Development or Nanny Goat Antiques … or a weekend where we don’t ask, “McShea’s, The Greeks, or The Pub?”
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