Wynnewood FroYo Spotlight: Yapple Yogurt

Frozen yogurt shops are popping up all over the area. Have you tried Yapple Yogurt in Wynnewood?

With frozen yogurt shops popping up all over, have you tried in Wynnewood? Here's a closer look at the froyo shop, located in .

Restaurant Name: Yapple Yogurt
Is this a chain? Yes
When did the store open? May 2011
How many flavors do they carry? About 12
Do flavors change? If so, how many and how often? Flavors rotate about every three weeks; some flavors, like vanilla, original tart, chocolate sorbet and espresso are almost always available.
What’s the most popular flavor? Espresso and taro (a sweet potato-esque vegetable; the froyo is nutty, with vanilla undertones)
Are there toppings? Yes—everything from fresh fruit to crushed oreos to strawberry juice balls.
What is the price per ounce? 49 cents per ounce
Bonus: Many flavors are fat-free as well as gluten-free.

Website: yappleyogurt.com
Facebook Page: facebook.com/yappleyogurt (whole chain's page, not specific to Wynnewood location)
Location: In the , at 50 E Wynnewood Rd, Wynnewood

Hours: Sun - Thu, 11:30am - 10pm; Fri - Sat, 11:30am - 10:30pm
Is there parking? Yes, free parking at the Wynnewood Shopping Center
Reviews: Yapple Yogurt won the "Best Frozen Treat" this summer for Ardmore Patch. The froyo spot has also been reviewed by Dine Out Main Line and Yelp users.

Samples from reviews:

  • Dine Out Main Line: "I wouldn’t call myself a yogurt shop connoisseur, but this was the best frozen yogurt I have had so far. Not even Pinkberry can top this. I’m glad to see that a local business can bring an even more satisfying experience than what I have experienced—especially for the price."
  • Yelp: "The toppings are better and the yogurt tastes realer; no fake banana tastes or the like."
  • Yelp: "This is a solid frozen yogurt place, but does not really do anything to differentiate itself from the myriad other frozen yogurt places that are popping up all over the place."
  • Yelp: "Yapple is officially the BEST frozen yogurt I've ever eaten. Ever."

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