The Cheapest Beach Badges in New Jersey

Monmouth County beaches, Martell's among the most expensive in N.J.; LBI beaches among the cheapest

A Surf City, N.J. beach badge for 2013. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
A Surf City, N.J. beach badge for 2013. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
It's a debate that has been raging in New Jersey for more than half a century: should the cost of running beaches be paid for by local residents through their property taxes, or should beach badges be sold so only those who use the beach have to pay for its upkeep?

The latter opinion has been the one of choice at the Jersey Shore for many years, but which towns have the most expensive badges and which are among the cheapest? SEMGeeks, a digital marketing agency in Asbury Park, crunched the numbers are came up with the answers.

The cheapest beach is an easy one – Wildwood – because it is free.

On the low end of those beaches where badges are required are Cape May ($28), Ocean City ($25) Toms River (Ortley Beach) ($30) and Surf City ($30). In Monmouth County, the cheapest seasonal badge was in Long Branch, at $45, according to a SEMGeeks chart and newjerseyshore.com.

On the high end of seasonal badges are Spring Lake and Sea Girt, tied at $105 per season, and Deal and Sea Bright, both at $100 per season. Martell's, a privately-owned beach in Point Pleasant Beach, also has a $100 seasonal badge price. Neighboring Jenkinson's, another privately-owned beach in Point Pleasant Beach, sells a seasonal badge for $90.

Daily badges had a smaller gulf between most and least expensive. Sea Girt and Spring Lake both charge $10 for daily badges while several towns including Asbury Park, Ocean City, Ship Bottom and Beach Haven all charge $5 per day.

For the entire list and chart of beach badge prices in New Jersey, visit the SEMGeeks website and newjerseyshore.com.
Dame Bridgid April 29, 2014 at 07:45 AM
How would you like it if you were required to pay taxes for cleaning up the beach trash of tourists who live in other states and other countries, Loretka? When they come here they also use rest rooms, showers, water fountains, life guards, first aid services, ect. Services are not free someone has to pay for them...It is only fair that the people who use them should pay for them. Grow up.
whatever41 April 29, 2014 at 08:58 AM
Add in parking fees and you have a very pricey day. I do feel for the residents who put up with rude & trashy visitors who show little or no respect for the beautiful shore line. Hopefully parents will set an example for their kids to clean up after themselves. This can cut down having clean up crews being paid to do this. Perhaps the fees will discourage the riff raff and they'll stay home.
Mac April 29, 2014 at 09:22 AM
NJ cry me a river, an ocean, a beach or whatever is available at the moment to further exploit NJ's inability to man up and solve the simple solutions to problems that almost all of America's other states have solved and put to bed decades ago. Perhaps the superior ocean water quality south of the New York harbor and Staten Island trash piles makes the NJ beaches soooooooo special that people want to pay extra bucks for their sandy sunburn bang.
antonio movado April 29, 2014 at 04:26 PM
Never paid to go on the beach in florida...
Carl W April 29, 2014 at 07:08 PM
Have you seen 'Jersey since superstorm Sandy? I don't know about south, but northern end depressing. Like Antonio says, "never pay in Florida, " where the beautiful beaches are. Other states, too. Businesses pay these communities taxes - taxes from out of state visitors. Beach passes just cut me back from staying @ motels, & buying things @ shore.


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