Gardening: Top 2 Annuals

Find out which annuals will thrive and look best in your flower bed.

Some annuals do better in the Philadelphia area than others.

Patch asked Peter Brindle from  in Wayne for the best annuals for the growing zone that includes southeastern Pennsylvania.

Wendy’s Wish or Salvia: This plant is sure to grab attention with its jumbo shrimplike buds which open up to hot pink tubular blooms. They have dark green leaves and dark maroon stems. It grows best in a fertile moist soil. Wendy’s Wish adds color to a mixed bed of flowers and borders.

Fireworks or Gomphrena: This eye-catching annual quickly grows to form a full, dense, flower with strong, tall stems which are topped with exploding bursts of full blooms in hot pink tipped with bright yellow. This annual grows best in full sun in a moist soil. Best uses are found in flower bed, pots and bordered along walkways.

Which annuals have you had the most success with? Tell us below in the comments.


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