Philadelphia Eagles Need McNabb as Backup Quarterback

If Philadelphia Eagles star QB Michael Vick goes down with an injury, Coach Andy Reid and his staff might be gone, too. Donovan McNabb provides insurance.

The Philadelphia Eagles prepare to open training camp at Lehigh University Sunday with the same expectations as last year -- to win it all.

But the mantra is a little different for Coach Andy Reid this year -- it's win or else.

Owner Jeffrey Lurie made that quite clear during his end-of-season speech when he soured on a franchise that had such high expectations after several top-of-the-line free agency signings only to see Reid and his team do a belly flop throughout the whole year.

But the Dream Team turned into Team Turmoil as wideout DeSean Jackson bitched about not having a new contract and Pro Bowler Asante Samuel complained about the competition at the cornerback spot.

Well, Jackson now has a new contract and Samuel has been jettisoned.

But Reid must win this year or else.

And if the Birds are expecting Quarterback Michael Vick to make it through the season without injury, then they are also expecting Reggie White to come back from the grave to lead the defense.

Not gonna happen.

So why not sign Donovan McNabb as Vick's backup?

Yes, McNabb had his moments with the fans. But the man had a proven track record of success quarterbacking this team for a decade.

How many players out there led his team to four straight NFC East championships, five NFC Championship Games and one Super Bowl?

No one ever on this franchise.

If the Birds get their wings clipped with a Vick injury, who better than good ol' No. 5 to extend their winning ways.

Do you really believe that Mike Kafka can do that? Or Trent Edwards? Forget the rookie QB.

There's only one answer to this big problem. And that's McNabb.

Imagine his smile as he lights up the Linc filling in for Vick. Or keeping those interceptions low by throwing every ball into the ground by a receiver's feet. Or making that mad scramble, like he's moving in quicksand, for that first down.

Yes, our Donovan.

No player in Eagles history did what McNabb did at QB. Check the stats. You won't find Jaws or Mr. Cunningham.

McNabb holds just about every record in club history.

And the pressure won't be so great so don't worry about those dead-end stops in Washington and Minnesota. McNabb has to be a backup.

He's slimmed down and is ready for the challenge.

He knows Reid, knows the offense, knows the team, the city and the fans. And if he knows and accepts his role, this deal is a no-brainer.

Cause if Vick falters or gets hurt, it's going to be another season of misery. Only McNabb can save us from that misery.

Now might be the perfect timing.

Derrick Smith July 21, 2012 at 04:56 PM
See whats funny is when Mcnabb was the quaterback, and Kevin Kolb was drafted they said Mcnabb should suck it up and just play. When they brought in Michael Vick they said Mcnabb is acting like a baby, but when the tables are turned and now its time to bring in Mcnabb people are saying dont do it because it will hurt Vick's feelings. I thought the objective of the Eagles was to do anything they could to get better. If that is the case why not bring in Mcnabb, he knows the offense,wouldnt cost much money, and the best back up quaterback available. I would like someone to present one negative that bringing back Mcnabb would be. Besides the tired argument they just dont like his personality
Radnor Patch ISN'T About Radnor Anymore :( July 21, 2012 at 05:07 PM
Agree with John. McNab would be a distraction to the team during the week and during games. Horrible idea.
Radnor Patch ISN'T About Radnor Anymore :( July 21, 2012 at 05:11 PM
There are plenty of other washed-up quarterbacks out there that would prove to be inspirational leaders to the rest of the team, instead of a whining McNab who would surely take shots every time a microphone is put in his face. Thome is a good example in baseball and who knows, maybe a Farve or some other former QB would fill the role of inspirational leader to the rookies, etc. No to McNab. I'd rather see Lurie do a blockbuster trade for Tebow....he's the perfect age to back-up Vick and take over in a couple of years.
Gregg Mitchell July 21, 2012 at 05:42 PM
With the team we have on the field, the quarterback does not have to be excellent or even great, he just has to be good or slightly above average. Edwards does not meet either criteria, Kafka...average at best, Foles is not part of the equation...yet. McNabb, physically meets at least one of the criteria. The question is does his attitude. I was one of the few who was extremely pissed off when he was traded. He has done nothing but piss me off with his attitude since. If McNabb is able to come in, keep his mouth shut and be a mentor to whomever, then bring him. I'm not sure he is capable. But from a purely football perspective, it would make a lot of sense to consider him.
Derrick Smith July 23, 2012 at 02:44 PM
Yes he may say something stupid like Vince Young" Dream Team" , or say something as recently as last week when Michael Vick said " we have the possiblity of being a dynasty" when he has never won a playoff game. When Donovan Mcnabb was here all the conversation was get him out of here because he cant win us a superbowl, now the conversation has shifted to hopefuly we can make the playoffs and make a push for the superbowl. I just dont like the fact that there arent the same standards held up for others as it was for Mcnabb. Us as Philadelphia fans concern ourselves on such the small things like did he throw up in the supberbowl, or why is he smiling after a bad play. Its not a matter of if Vick will get hurt but when. If people are sitting here telling me that Trent Edwards or Mike Kafta would be a better option then Donovan Mcnabb, that thought process is the same reason why we have '0" superbowl titles.


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