WCASD Approves Support Staff Contract

The West Chester School Board agrees to a three-year deal with the district's support staff union.

The West Chester School Board voted to approve a three-year contract with the district’s support staff on Monday night.  A concession by the support staff union on health care will save the district an estimated $380,000 over the life of the contract.

“This contract represents the true spirit of compromise,” said board president Vince Murphy.  “The West Chester Service Support Professionals recognized that it was financially necessary for us to make changes with our insurance plan offerings and other benefits, and they worked with us to make this contract a reality.”

Still, board member Heidi Adsett voted no on the contract; the only member of the board to do so.

“I cannot support any contract that involves forced unionism,” Adsett said.  “It is my belief that that decision should be left up to the employee.”

The main change in the health insurance plan came when union members agreed to make cost-sharing contributions that amount to 10 percent in the first year of the contract and then 12 percent and 14 percent in the subsequent years.

Support staff workers will also receive a 24 cent hourly raise in the first year of the contract and a 49 cent and 38 cent raise the following years.

“I want to thank both sides for their hard work in getting this deal done,” said board member Sean Carpenter.

Board member Dr. Maria Pimley added, “In the long-run this deal will be beneficial to both sides.”

Cathy Binder December 07, 2012 at 11:06 AM
??? So now the federal issues are also the fault of the teacher unions too? All pension plans are evil. Do you know the history of 401K's - a way for execs to hide income, never intended to be a way to provide for a secure retirement. And most decent companies contribute toward them in any case. The debt ceiling only obligates us to pay for debt already incurred. It has nothing to do with the authorization of "new" spending. To state educators do not help children - really? Who is teaching them every day? Who would teach them even if the evil union disappeared? So you cut pay to nothing, take away all benefits, strip away a pension, make the job totally unattractive so that people don't want to do it. That works? In the end even those passionate about teaching still have bills to pay, still have children of their own to raise, still have medical problems, still live in the world. And we as a nation decided a long time ago that education in the public sector was essential to our democracy. That fact that we need to reform aspects is no reason to categorize teachers as evil parasites. That is just not logical thinking and sir, it borders on slanderous.
Students1st December 07, 2012 at 02:09 PM
Not all pension plans are evil .. specifically, the ones which were enacted by collusion with corrupt legislators, and are are funded by threatening the foreclosure of homes who could see their property tax triple in the next couple of years, as a direct result of the aforementioned criminal activity of the teachers union thugs. Teachers who truly help children are not unionized, and are not bound to teach with government indoctrination textbooks as well as contrived critical thinking techniques in the formative years of children .. you don't cut pay to nothing (as you love to portray yourself as the martyr with your 7dprinceton self deprecation routine), but you do cut that pay down to the average private sector labor level, as you also love to think of yourselves as "Professionals" in a labor union. The we as a nation you are speaking of, can all take care of ourselves perfectly well on $46K per year and we as a nation long ago did not anticipate the end of cheap oil nor the population explosion of the planet. As far as the word parasite that your union objects to ... the word parasite and leech are accurate and describe an organism that lives in or on another organism (its host, and taxpayer in this respect) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host's expense
Helen Weber December 08, 2012 at 02:51 AM
We need PA to become a Right to Work state. As far as the teacher's union, we saw what they did in Wisconsin when the union's power was threatened. Governor Walker won by a larger vote than he did the first time. But the teacher's union cost the taxpayers a lot of money because of their actions. By the way the people of Wisconsin, during the last election, again elected a majority of republicans, who favor the Right to Work law, to both houses. This is not an attack on the individual teacher (one of whom is a member of my family), it is an opposition to a powerful union which many times runs roughshod over the general public. The public's facilities should not be used to collect union dues. If the individual teacher wants to fund their union, they should be responsible for sending in their dues themselves.
Students1st December 08, 2012 at 04:47 PM
Yes, we do need to become a right to work state Helen. Looks like Binder/Fell wants no part of this argument, or surely she would have been here earlier instead of at the WC Vote Rumor Mill having manly girl discussions.
Helen Weber December 08, 2012 at 07:27 PM
Governor Christie calls teacher's union Political Thuggery. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzzYGazQOB8


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