Update: LMHS Construction Timelines

LMSD Director of Operations Pat Guinnane provided updates on the status of several construction projects at Tuesday night's school board meeting.

At Tuesday night's Lower Merion School District Board of School Directors meeting, LMSD Director of Operations Pat Guinnane updated the board on the status of several construction projects at Lower Merion High School.

Sidewalk on LMHS entrance driveway: The concrete work for the entrance driveway parallel to School House Lane has been completed, though the bollard lighting that goes along with it is not yet installed. The lighting should be received by the end of the month, Guinnane said.

Arnold Field restoration: Last fall, the district began restoring playing fields at Arnold Field, which were taken out of service to serve as a temporary parking lot.  A root zone mix will be installed, which is typically comprised of sand and peat moss, which is helpful for letting fields drain quickly.

Remaining work includes the regrading of the fields, installing the irrigation, and replacing the topsoil and seed. The work should be completed by the end of June, but the field will have two off-seasons to allow for grass growth, meaning fields will be usable by August 2013.

Modifications to School House Lane entrance: Guinnane said there is a contract out for bid right now to complete two projects: widening the school driveway and extending the island that separates the school driveway from the public road School House Lane. The goal is to emphasize that these are two different roads.

This work will begin once the school year ends in June. The district will also replace the sidewalk that runs from School House Lane to the entrance to the high school across from Arnold Field. Together, the cost of these projects will be approximately $150,000.

District Administration Office work: No, the scaffolding will not stay up forever—it should be down by next week. The contractor completing the outdoor restoration work had an issue with his supplier of decorative limestone blocks, Guinnane said. This week, the contractor received the last two pieces needed to finish the job, and the work should be completed by the end of this week, with scaffolding to be removed sometime next week.


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