District Issues Statement on Bala Avenue Property

The district says it is looking to purchase the property for bus parking.

(Patch file photo)
(Patch file photo)
The following statement from Superintendent Dr. Christopher McGinley was provided to Patch by Lower Merion School District:

On Thursday, May 22, 2014, the District's real estate broker transmitted the District's offers to enter into Letters of Intent (LOI) for properties located at 15-21 Bala Avenue. The purpose of the acquisition is for parking buses, not for refueling, repairing or servicing the buses. This action was taken in response to our real estate broker's determination that at least one of the properties was potentially available for acquisition.

We would like to correct some of the misconceptions that have been circulating that the District has told the sellers that it plans to condemn the properties. This is not true.

Our only discussions with the property owners have been through a sale process. The LOI(s) presented to the property owners are the exact opposite of eminent domain. That is, we are hoping to negotiate a mutually agreeable real estate sale. The reference of eminent domain in the LOI is standard, transparent language given to a property owner stating the LOI is not a waiver of our existing rights to exercise eminent domain in its proper form.

We would also like to correct the misconception that the District holds an option to purchase another property for bus parking; to the contrary, the District does not hold any options to purchase any other property and there are no other properties under Letter of Intent, agreement or otherwise.


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