Ace The Ram Records Debuts at Ardmore MilkBoy

LMSD students release their first student-produced music CD.

More than 100 people filled in Ardmore on Friday night to listen to the performers who have been recorded on the first CD produced by Lower Merion School District students. Ace The Ram (ATR), a music recording production company, is composed of students from (the Aces) and (the Rams) high schools.

Students perform all the business and technical functions including CD mastering and production and the marketing of the recordings of student performers.

To promote its first release, all the artists performed for two hours to an enthusiastic crowd of fellow students and adults.

Wanting to acquaint students with the ins-and-outs of the recording business, Andy Hurwitz, an entertainment lawyer and founder of Ropeadope and Baby Loves Music record companies, is mentoring students at Lower Merion and Harriton on the ATR Music Label project.

Lower Merion students Jordan Scott, social media director; John Snyder, repertoire manager; and Andrew McKieney, business manager, explained the concept of ATR as an attempt to educate students interested in the recording business about the business itself while providing talented student performers the opportunity to be published in recorded music. Range Recording Studios in Ardmore brings its recording expertise to the project to facilitate CD production.

ATR’s first CD release, Ace The Ram, Volume 1, contains six numbers:

A Year Later – Massacre

All Of This – 13 Lines

Sunshine Supernova – Poor Fred Noonan

Breath – Wexworth

Drawn In The Dirt – Brundle Fly

Feeling Like – AJ3

Copies of the CD were on sale at the performance and can be downloaded from www.livedownloads.com/atr. CDs can also be obtained by emailing: andy@ropeadope.com. All proceeds go to benefit , a foundation dedicated to combating childhood cancer.


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