19 Friends' Central Students Inducted Into Cum Laude Society

The Cum Laude Society recognizes the distinguished academic record of Friends' Central School students.

Editor's note: The following information has been provided by Friends' Central School.

WYNNEWOOD, Pa. – On Friday, May 18, Friends’ Central School held its annual Upper School Academic Awards Assembly, in which students were recognized for their outstanding efforts in academics, arts, athletics, service, and citizenship. Highlighting the assembly was the induction of 19 members of the Class of 2012 into the Cum Laude Society.

The Cum Laude Society recognizes the distinguished academic record of the following students during their Friends’ Central career: Leah Adelson, Andie Belkoff, Samuel Brodfuehrer, Paula Burkhardt, Jeremy Crimm, Rebecca Dahle, Emily deLisle, William Fedullo, Alexander Flick, Rory Giszter, Jeffrey Horowitz, Sarah Kim, Naomi Minkoff, Harrison Pharamond, Tiffany Phuong, Samantha Resnik, Daniel Stern, James Ulrich, and Spencer Villars.

The following students were recognized by the Language Department for their exceptional achievement on an advanced level and enthusiasm in their foreign language studies: Paula Burkhardt, Nicolás DeFina, Giulietta Schoenfeld, and Jibreel Powell.

The History Paper Prize, given by the History Department to highlight the best of the junior American History papers, was awarded to Samuel Brodfuehrer.

The Mathematical Association of America and Friends’ Central School presented the Mathematical Award to Spencer Villars, who scored the highest on the Annual American high School Mathematics Examination.

The Science Award, presented by the faculty of the Science Department to those seniors who have demonstrated excellence in scientific scholarship and achievement and have shown breadth of study across the science disciplines, was presented to Rory Giszter and David Yarnell.

Sponsored by the English Department, The Poets and Playwrights Prize, which recognizes the work of poets and dramatists in our student community, was presented to Nicolás DeFina and Sydney Goggins.

The Ramsey Award for Prose, founded by writer, editor, and public relations director Mary Ann Ramsey ’41, which recognizes a writer for a piece of fiction or non-fiction prose, was presented to William Fedullo.

The Music Award, given in recognition of loyalty, service, and contributions to the Music Department to students who demonstrated excellence in composition, performance, and academic achievement, was presented to Paula Burkhardt, Jeremy Crimm, and Andrew Nemroff.

The Benjamin V. Ogden Memorial Award, created by the children of Benjamin Ogden, the first director of Friends’ Central’s summer day camp and P.E. teacher at Overbrook High School and Temple University, to recognize students who embody the spirit of Benjamin Ogden, whose well-roundedness has been an example to our community, was presented to Rebecca Dahle, Breanna Guindon, and Harrison Pharamond.

The Calvin H. Rankin, Jr. Memorial Award, given to those students who embody the spirit of Calvin Rankin, a 1943 graduate of Friends’ Central who is remembered for his sensitive spirit, his love of writing and music, and especially for his character which combined gentleness with integrity, was presented to Paula Burkhardt and Nicolás DeFina.

The Leola Adelaide Smith Memorial Award, given to those students who embody the spirit of Leola Adelaide Smith, a 1974 graduate of Friends’ Central remembered for her dignity, integrity, love of people, her talent in music and art, and imbuing all of her activities with a sense of her presence as a member of the group, with an eye toward the whole group’s function not only her own individual contribution, was presented to William Fedullo and Lauren Harris.

The Susan Durnford Snipes Memorial Award, in honor of Susan Durnford, a former biology teacher at FCS whose life resonated with joy: joy found in living, joy found in serving, joy found in teaching, joy found in people, is given to those students who have joyfully and with integrity served the community of Friends’ Central while students here, was presented to: Hannah Albertine, Katherine Andrews, Allison Feld, and Jeffrey Horowitz.

The John H. McCollum Memorial Award, in honor of John H. McCollum, a former English teacher and the first dean of the senior class beloved by students who appreciated his honesty, his high expectations, and his willingness to listen, was established by the Home and School Association to honor students whose generosity of spirit, like John McCollum’s, has touched the Friends’ Central community, whose warmth, wit, and openness to all has fostered collaboration instead of competition, who have acted often behind-the-scenes, without drawing much attention to themselves, was presented to: Hannah Albertine, Amy Chapkovich, Antonia DiLuca, Amile Jefferson, and Imani Shell.

The Florence Jackson Award, given to that girl in the senior class, who, through her dedication and love of sports, has shown to the coaches the outstanding qualities of leadership, sportsmanship, and spirit, which Mrs. Jackson sought to instill, was presented to Meghan Cartafalsa.

 The David Kirk Memorial Award, given to a boy, who, through his dedication and love of sports, has shown to his coaches the outstanding qualities of leadership, sportsmanship, and spirit, which David Kirk sought to instill, was presented to Michael Michnowicz.

The Outstanding Senior Athlete Award, given to members of the graduating class who have demonstrated outstanding skills in athletic competition as members of at least two Friends’ Central Varsity teams during their senior year, exhibiting athletic achievement, leadership ability, and sportsmanship throughout their high school careers, was presented to Charles Brodsky, Rebecca Dahle, and Imani Shell.

Special Award Presentation – Every once in a while, the Upper School principals decide that a member of the senior class is worthy of special recognition, and that is the case this year. This student has shown special fortitude on his journey through the Upper School. He has arrived at the common destination of seniors at Friends’ Central, but the road he has traveled has been full of challenges and obstacles that could easily have overwhelmed someone less courageous and resilient. With admiration, we present this award to Nicholas Clothier.

The Executive Award, given to a boy and girl in the Upper School, who, by vote of students and faculty, represent the highest qualifications of school citizenship, was presented to Hannah Albertine and Harrison Pharamond.


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