Power Still Out at Township Building; Ardmore Walking Patrols Sought

Township employees have been without electricity—and air conditioning—all week.

As , the , at 75 E. Lancaster Avenue in downtown Ardmore, was without power since Saturday evening, courtesy of a rude visitor named Irene.

As of late afternoon Thursday, PECO crews were still at it, employees said, but still there’s no power except for that provided by backup generators, which have been blasting for five days now.

The generators are providing some power—but not enough for the central air conditioning.

“I’m melting!” cried one Township worker, as the humidity crept in Thursday. Windows in most of the building cannot be opened.

Eyes & Ears Needed

Lower Merion Police (who are also without power, attached as they are to the admin building) are asking for community volunteers to serve as “walking patrols” in Ardmore residential areas on Friday and Saturday nights from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

The program is an initiative of the Police and Community Relations Committee, and is different from a normal “town watch,” organizers say, in that volunteers are entirely on foot, and not in vehicles.

Participants in the program will receive an hour of training, a Community Watch shirt and a radio for use while on patrol.

Ardmore residents interested in participating are asked to contact Lower Merion Police Ofc. Joseph Haungs at (610) 645-6269.

Bob Guzzardi September 02, 2011 at 01:54 PM
If Lower Merion's Board of Commissioners spent more wisely on essential services, like power, instead of EXPANDING bricks and mortar paper book, horse and buggy Ludington Library, or $900,000 for unspecified repairs to Ardmore/Lancaster Intersection including $135,000 Bryn Mawr building fountain, or $1,152,000 on lights for Anderson Ave bridge, or numerous other nonessential and unnecessary projects, then there would be money for power.


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