Nutter, PA Dems Blast Romney Before Friday Visit

Philadelphia mayor speaks out against GOP presidential candidate.

One day before GOP presidential candidate Gov. Mitt Romney visits the Union League and Valley Forge Military Academy, Pennsylvania Democrats spoke out about his visit.

In a press call Thursday, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and PA Democratic Party Chairman Jim Burn criticized the former Massachusetts governor's tax plan and said Romney's out of touch with the common Pennsylvanian.

"I think what we're all wondering is, will he double down on the 47 percent comment?" Burn said, referring to Romney's remarks at a Florida fundraiserwhere the candidate discussed citizens who may not vote for him. "It's unacceptable for a candidate for president to dismiss folks as not worth pursuing."

The Democrats hammered the "47 percent comment," and said the "victims" Romney referred to as non-taxpayers include senior citizens, military personnel and college students.

"To say our nation's college students are victims of accepting handouts can't be further from the truth," Nutter said. "Either Gov. Romney is insulting or out of touch."

Burn said Romney's tax plan "confirms what we all expected—the tax plan is for millionaires and billionaires like himself... sounds like Mr. Romney's tax plan is looking out for one person, Mr. Romney."

While Democrats, like those on the call, have criticized Romney's tax plan, conservative groups like the Heritage Foundation say that certain analysis made inaccurate assumptions that would favor an argument in which Romney only favors the rich. 

Romney's appearance in Wayne and Philadelphia Friday comes on the heels of different polling results. An internal Republican poll has Romney closing the gapin Pennsylvania behind President Obama. While, separate Qunnipiac and Franklin & Marshall polls show the incumbent widening his lead.

When asked if Romney's Friday speech meant the candidate felt Pennsylvania was back in play, Nutter refused to speculate as to the GOP's strategy.

"Pennsylvania is great state, and if you're running for president, then you should go everywhere," he said.

Although the VFMA visit is a public rally, KYW Philadelphia said the Union League event is for donors and the campaign expects to raise $3 to $4 million.

Nutter said that round-table event is indicative of Romney's attitude toward the commonwealth and credited Obama for reaching more common voters.

"We are fortunate that we have a president who does get it... President Obama is looking out for all Americans, not just the few," he said.

Read more about Romney's appearance on Radnor Patch here.

Susan Kanoff September 28, 2012 at 04:49 AM
Throwing out comments like "Nutter is an embarrassment" with no elaboration is meaningless. Perhaps he is an embarrassment to you personally for some reason which you do not wish to share, but many of us rather like him. There is nothing in his comments that is untrue or inaccurate. If you doubt this, all you have to do is listen to Romney's own words.
Daniel Pipes September 28, 2012 at 12:38 PM
Nutter is an embarrassment. He is more worried about his national identity than running the city. No union contract talks with DC33 or 47 in over three years. Just negotiated with non-uniformed employees and gave them a raise and doubled their insurance and pension contributions pissing off the unions when they accepted. Appealed a legal ruling twice for police and firemen. Yet when a presidential candidate comes to his city he denegrates him not once but twice. Dems have ruled the city for over sixty years and the city is broke, septas broke, PGW broke, schools are broke with million dollar payouts. Yeah that's what people want but they keep on electing them. Blind leading the blind.
Anthony Wayne September 28, 2012 at 01:43 PM
Pardon my rant, but...The thoughts that Mr. Burns & Mr. Nutter express in the above reflect the dangerous and untenable strategy of deflection and partisanship inherent in our system today. Every time most politicians open their mouths, more leaks out. These lies only obfuscate the true difficulties we face. The huge debt fueled by illegal war, a Fed that believes in conducting the business of The People behind closed doors to better serve the corporate puppeteer, a congress that allows Exectuive and Judicial rape of our Constitution and barely opens it's mouth in protest, a failed foriegn policy with a sixty year track record of making us less safe while spending billions arm twisting and manipulating governments worldwide, the federal government's yet unchecked march to total control of our thoughts and lives, a "captured media" presenting lies as fact, are just a few that come to mind. The thought that either Romney,Obama, or the current system, will lift a finger to begin the process of repair is delusional at best, to the contrary. Future generations will curse us for our complacency, as they gaze into the gloom of our once great experiment, squandered for a few dollars. My hope would be for The People to wake from their slumber and take back control of their future, their government, and their lives, in a orderly fashion, by the vote.
JamesIgnatius September 28, 2012 at 08:48 PM
And a compliant press!! ...None of this would be possible without the Fourth Estate shamelessly ignoring serious threats to our nation's financial security simply because doing so would damage the political standing of their ideological candidate.
Sharpie September 30, 2012 at 09:42 AM
Unfortunately, nobody gets it yet. The people don't want welfare; they want jobs. They don't want food stamps; they want food. Tear down all the old crap factories littering Philadelphia, reclaim the soil, and begin planting local organic farms and orchards that the people plant, tend, and grow. Contrary to what many believe, people do want lives worth living, and they don't want government running their lives. Pay attention. The universe is. And, it is pissed off, mightily pissed off. People better begin caring about themselves, their people, and this planet. Time is running out to prove who cares.


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