Narberth Inviting LM Board to Wynnewood Road Intersection Discussion

The borough's Highway Committee meeting is set for Jan. 28.

Elected officials from both Narberth and Lower Merion, the municipalities that share a boundary at the controversial intersection of Wynnewood Road and Wynnewood Avenue, are expected to discuss improvement possibilities at a borough meeting in two weeks.

At Monday's Borough Council meeting, Councilman Bob Wegbreit, chairman of the panel's Highway Committee, said the Lower Merion Board of Commissioners is invited to attend his committee's meeting at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Jan. 28 at the borough government building.

Also in attendance will be representatives from Pennoni Associates, who are conducting a traffic study of the Wynnewood & Wynnewood intersection. The borough council wants to know whether a temporary traffic signal would be warranted in 2014-2015 while the Narberth Avenue bridge is demolished and replaced.

The need to improve the intersection has gained a higher profile and urgency, however, since a Dec. 13 pedestrian accident there prompted an online petition that has gained hundreds of residents' signatures.

Though Wynnewood Road is a state road and PennDOT would need to improve any improvements at the intersection, the impetus (and at least some portion of the cost) would likely need to come from both Narberth and Lower Merion.

"Everybody agrees that something should be done there, but what should be done? Hopefully, we can narrow that down," Wegbreit said.

The Highway Committee consists of Wegbreit, Councilman Michael Alexander and Council Vice President Aaron Muderick. Lower Merion BOC members who plan to attend include Board President Liz Rogan and Commissioners Cheryl Gelber and Brian Gordon, Wegbreit said.

michael January 15, 2013 at 11:43 AM
LM Board? this would be the same people who have spent millions on a transit center that still hasnt had a spade of dirt turned for its construction after how many years? the same peopel who wouldnt approve dividing a chuch to make condos or apartments, but now are afraid it might get torn down - they will be a HUGH help if Narberth doenst want things done


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