Narberth Considers Roundabout For Wynnewood Intersection

Officials are waiting on more information before making a recommendation, Councilman Bob Wegbreit said.

Narberth officials are still waiting on more information before recommending a solution to traffic and safety concerns at the Wynnewood and Wynnewood intersection, but want more information on the logistics of installing a roundabout, Narberth councilman Bob Wegbreit said Tuesday.

Narberth Borough and Lower Merion Township have been considering options for the N Wynnewood Avenue and E Wynnewood Road intersection since a teenage pedestrian was struck there in December.

At a Monday night meeting, the Narberth Highway Committee heard from traffic engineer Brian Keaveney of Pennoni Associates as well as Michael Becker from the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission.

Keaveney provided updated traffic counts for the Wynnewood intersection, which showed a significant drop in traffic volume since the reopening of the Narberth bridge. According to Wegbreit, however, Keaveney believes the new traffic counts still meet PennDOT’s requirements for considering a traffic light or roundabout for that intersection.

“Overall, the sense of the room was that a roundabout would be the preferred solution,” Wegbreit said of Monday's meeting. “It’s more traffic calming, it’s pedestrian-friendly.”

The committee asked Keaveney to return to the next Highway Committee meeting prepared to talk about the costs and logistics of a roundabout at the intersection.

After that meeting, the committee will have a stronger view of whether to recommend a roundabout, traffic signal or no changes at the intersection.

“Then with more facts, we can discuss with Lower Merion and with PennDOT what steps would come next … we want to be able to offer the public different alternatives with better facts and background,” Wegbreit said.

The next meeting of the Highway Committee is tentatively scheduled for March 25 at 7:30 p.m.


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