Election Results: Lower Merion, Narberth, County, State Elections

All 426 Montgomery County precincts have reported.

Patch will be reporting 2011 general-election results—as they come in—for municipal elections for Narberth and Lower Merion, in Montgomery County races and in two statewide judicial races. Polls closed at 8 p.m.

Results are listed below. Unofficial winners are shown in bold type. Incumbents are designated with asterisks.

In Lower Merion and Narberth, according to Montgomery County's online results, all 46 precincts have reported, and all 426 Montgomery County precincts have reported.

Lower Merion Board of School Directors, 5 seats

Name Party Votes Diane P. DiBonaventuro* Democratic/Republican 13,652 Marissa Golden Democratic/Republican 13,509 Robin Vann Lynch Democratic/Republican 13,324 Virginia O. Pollard* Democratic/Republican 13,339 Subha C. Robinson Democratic/Republican 13,210 Susan J. Guthrie* Education Without Politics 4,087 Lisa Fair Pliskin* Education Without Politics 4,261

Lower Merion, Ward 1

Name Party Total Dan Bernheim* Democratic 696 A.J. Kait Republican 622

Lower Merion, Ward 3

Name Party Total Paul McElhaney* Democratic 642 Ray Fullbright Republican 409

Lower Merion, Ward 5

Name Party Total Cheryl Gelber* Democratic 1,992

Lower Merion, Ward 7

Name Party Total Beth Ladenheim Republican 436 Liz Rogan* Democratic 804

Lower Merion, Ward 9

Name Party Total Richard Kaufman Republican 491 George Manos* Democratic 821

Lower Merion, Ward 11

Name Party Total Lew Gould* Republican 788

Lower Merion, Ward 13

Name Party Total Louis Barson Republican 463 Brian McGuire* Democratic 868

Narberth Borough Council (3 seats)

Name Party Votes Mike Alexander Democratic 848 Sam Quinn* Democratic 890 Bob Weisbord Democratic

Montgomery County Commissioner, 3 seats

Name Party Votes Jenny Brown Republican 75,438 Bruce Castor* Republican 77,114 Leslie Richards Democratic 86,460 Josh Shapiro Democratic 88,441

Court of Common Pleas, 2 seats

Name Party Votes Dan Clifford Republican 74,213 Maureen Coggins Republican 74,436 Cheryl Austin Democratic 80,224 Richard Haaz Democratic 81,412

Commonwealth Court (statewide race)

Name Party County votes Statewide votes Anne Covey Republican 76,473 N/A Kathryn Boockvar Democratic 79,244 N/A

Superior Court (statewide race)

Name Party County votes Statewide votes Vic Stabile Republican 74,312 N/A David N. Wecht Democratic 81,590 N/A

Other Montgomery County positions

Race Name Party Votes District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman* Republican 97,420 Sheriff Eileen Whalon Behr* Republican 79,794
William A. Holt Jr. Democratic 78,123 Clerk of courts Moon Ahn Republican 72,553
Ann Thornburg Weiss Democratic 83,623 Controller Stewart Greenleaf Jr. Republican 80,471 Diane B. Morgan Democratic 78,359 Coroner Gordon S. Clement Republican 78,293 Walter I. Hofman* Democratic 78,506 Prothonotary William E. Donnelly Republican 75,610 Mark Levy Democratic 81,084 Recorder of Deeds Nancy J. Becker Republican 78,817 Linda M. Hee Democratic 77,304 Register of Wills Patricia A. Mosesso Republican 75,506 D. Bruce Hanes Democratic 79,240 Treasurer Chuck Wilson Republican 76,417 Jason E. Salus Democratic 78,968

Ted Goldsborough November 09, 2011 at 05:36 AM
Thank you, Patch, for your Election Night coverage.
Eric Campbell November 09, 2011 at 07:08 AM
Thank you, Ted, and thanks for reading. We'll have more to come in the way of analysis and numbers on Wednesday.
glenn cooper November 09, 2011 at 03:16 PM
Hello Mr. Goldsboro. I had you as a teacher in 8th grade around 1973. You were an inspiration and i'm glad to see you are still active in civics.


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