Democrats Lead in Merion Political Contributions

Of money donated directly to presidential campaigns, only 18 percent of Merion contributions went to Mitt Romney, as compared to 48.5 percent in Ardmore.

Political contributions to Democratic candidates and organizations lead in Merion Station in this election cycle, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics.

Of the $293,680 contributed to candidates and Political Action Committees this election cycle by 19066 residents, $202,732 was donated to the top 10 recipients, and of that number, 84 percent was contributed to Democratic candidates and Political Action Committees.

President Barack Obama is the top recipient in Merion Station, with $51,409 contributed by donors in zip code 19066, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Following closely behind is the Democratic National Committee, to which Merion residents have donated $46,237. In comparison, Merion residents have contributed $11,306 to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Obama ($3,269,793) has a lead in donations over Romney ($2,844,980) in the Greater Philadelphia/New Jersey area.

Residents of 19066 have contributed $293,680 to candidates and Political Action Committees in 2012, about six times the contribution from the average zip code, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

The contributions are based on Federal Election Commission data made available electronically on Aug. 6.

The top contributors from 19066 are:

ContributerRecipientOccupationAmountDate ADELSON, ROBERT S DNC Services Corp OSAGE PARTNERS $15,000 06/23/11 ADELSON, ROBERT S DNC Services Corp OSAGE PARTNERS $10,000 09/20/11 ADELSON, MARTA R DNC Services Corp OSAGE INVESTMENTS $5,000 09/20/11 SILVERSTEIN, AUDREY MS National Republican Senatorial Cmte SELF-EMPLOYED $5,000 03/07/12 SILVERSTEIN, MARTIN HON National Republican Senatorial Cmte
$5,000 01/21/11 TIGHE, JOHN T III Keystone America PAC TMG HEALTHCARE, INC. $5,000 12/28/11 RUDY, LEE DNC Services Corp SCHIFFRIN & BARROWAY, LLP $3,850 03/31/12 CAMIEL, EDWIN Republican Federal Cmte of Pennsylvania SELF EMPLOYED $3,000 05/23/12 KINZIG, JAMES A MR Romney, Mitt (R) AEGIS PROPERTY GROUP $2,500 04/26/12 Oxman, Neil Obama, Barack (D) the campaign group INC $2,500 06/13/12

The top recipients from 19066 (Merion) are:

RecipientAmount Obama, Barack (D) $51,409 DNC Services Corp $46,237 Casey, Bob (D) $29,950 Schwartz, Allyson (D) $17,018 Romney, Mitt (R) $11,306 Warren, Elizabeth (D) $11,200 National Republican Senatorial Cmte $10,000 Meehan, Patrick (R) $9,150 American Assn for Justice $8,572 Trivedi, Manan (D) $7,890

While a significant majority of dollars contributed to political campaigns by Merion residents have gone to Democrats this election cycle, , where the National Republican Congressional Committee is the top recipient.

E. Ogens August 28, 2012 at 06:07 PM
PLEASE go to see" 2016" before you give any more money or vote. It is not an Obama bashing movie. It is a lesson in history and a different perspective on Colonialism and how it influenced President Obama . The producer was responsible for the great movie, "Schindlers List". Don't let a party influence your ability to think for yurself.
E. Ogens August 28, 2012 at 06:09 PM
Correction: to above: yourself:)


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