Video: Waiting on PECO in Penn Wynne

Remington Road in Wynnewood saw one of Lower Merion's worst power outages caused by Hurricane Irene.

PECO crews made it to Remington Road Monday night at about 7 p.m. to begin a night's worth of work restoring power to hundreds of Penn Wynne homes that had been dark since late Saturday night, when Hurricane Irene was still in the middle innings.

Irene threw an errant fastball at the neighborhood, plunking it in the midsection near Tomkenn Road, between Haverford Road and Roslyn Lane. One of the street's many very old, very large trees came crashing down, bringing with it scores of electical and phone lines.

Live wires posed hazards through Monday afternoon as they visibly smoked and melted blacktop. This was the scene just as a PECO crew arrived and mounted twin cherry-pickers to begin the work. At this point, overworked tree-removal squads had yet to arrive for one of their biggest jobs in Lower Merion Township.

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