Teen Pedestrian Hospitalized After Wynnewood Road Accident

Officials say she was crossing the street about 5:40 p.m. Thursday.

(UPDATED Monday, Dec. 17: The victim remains hospitalized with head injuries and a broken pelvis, according to Lower Merion Township spokesman Tom Walsh.)

Friday, Dec. 14: A 16-year-old girl was struck by a car while crossing Wynnewood Road on foot Thursday evening, and she remained hospitalized as of Friday afternoon, Lower Merion Township spokesman Tom Walsh said.

The accident happened about 5:40 p.m. at the intersection of East Wynnewood Road and North Wynnewood Avenue. The unidentified girl, clad in dark clothing, had just walked from the Narberth side of the tunnel under the Amtrak-SEPTA railroad tracks, and she was crossing to the Wynnewood side of East Wynnewood Road, Walsh said.

An eastbound vehicle driven by an unidentified Philadelphia resident struck the girl, who suffered head and torso trauma and was taken by Narberth Ambulance to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Walsh said. She was most recently listed in stable condition.

Police continue to investigate the accident. There has been no indication the driver was speeding or had consumed drugs or alcohol. The driver stopped and tried to help the victim, Walsh said.

Merion Station resident and Narberth attorney Pam Loughman posted a petition at Change.org for a traffic signal to be installed at the intersection, where the borough of Narberth and Lower Merion's Wynnewood section meet.

On the petition, Loughman writes: "Installing a traffic light and pedestrian crossing at this intersection is a matter of public safety."

At several Narberth Borough Council meetings this year, residents have pressed for a traffic signal to be installed at the intersection.

Borough officials have contemplated that prospect as repairs and reconstruction of the Narberth Avenue bridge loom over the next several years. Lower Merion Commissioner Brian Gordon attended a borough meeting in the fall to discuss traffic issues at that intersection.

It is not clear whether one municipality or both would need to be involved in construction, nor to what extent either is prepared to pursue such a project.

What do you think? Should a traffic signal be installed at Wynnewood and Wynnewood? Is there a way to improve traffic and pedestrian safety without one? Tell us in the comments section below.

art fulley December 15, 2012 at 08:08 PM
It is so sad that somebody had to be hurt before any action was taken. That there should be a pedestrian crossing here is a no-brainer. Art
Barbara HInkle December 15, 2012 at 09:26 PM
nothing short of installing a traffic light is going to work. Pedestrian crossings aren't going to help the safety of the people trying to cross the street or the cars desparately trying to make a left.
J. S. December 18, 2012 at 03:46 AM
I am sorry to hear that the young girl is injured. My first thought though is why aren't there any sidewalks on the Narberth side of the street? Then people could walk to the light at Williams & Wynnewood to cross at the light. I will play the devils advocate here, but to be honest, many people don't cross at the light anyhow. They play chicken and cross wherever they are even if there is a light 20 yards away. I see it all too often on Lancaster Ave. and Roosevelt Blvd. I think a light there would end up really backing up traffic under the bridge and even onto Haverford Rd. If they would create a sidewalk, then maybe people would use that.
Jim Speer December 18, 2012 at 04:26 AM
A sidewalk along that side of the street would help, but there would still need to be a safe way for people to cross Wynnewood AVE to get there.
Jim Speer December 18, 2012 at 04:36 AM
A light is needed at this intersection for several reasons. The prime one being for pedestrian safety, of course. I have [foolishly maybe] risked my own limb to cross there many times. It's massively dangerous, both ways across Wynnewood Rd, but particularly crossing from the township side to the borough corner, because one can't see traffic coming from either direction on Wynnewood Rd, and it moves very fast. The other main reason is that driving out of that tunnel to turn left onto Wynnewood Rd is the main way to get from north Narberth to South Narberth at the moment, while the bridge is out, and it will be for a long time while the bridge is being reconstructed in 2014-15. Instead of paying to repair the bridge, I would have vastly preferred for Narberth to spend the same amount on other points of entrance and exit from the borough including the Wynnewood/Wynnewood intersection.


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