Couple Plants Dead Animals to Sabotage Neighbor's Home Sale, Police Say

The defendants' home is on the market too, according to police. Oh, and they're both realtors.

The bizarre behavior took place on the 100 block of Booth Lane in the Haverford section of Lower Merion.
The bizarre behavior took place on the 100 block of Booth Lane in the Haverford section of Lower Merion.

A Haverford couple was cited for disorderly conduct on Thursday after Lower Merion Police say they threw dead animals in their next-door neighbors' yard in an apparent attempt to sabotage the sale of their Booth Lane home.

The couple that was charged, Andrea and Jonathan Straub, are both realtors in the area and have their home on the market as well, according to police.

According to Officer JoAnne Pepitone, the owner of the home that was vandalized has been in the hospital for several weeks, but was informed by her house sitter that someone was knocking over the "for sale" signs in the yard and stealing flyers advertising the property.

Pepitone said security cameras were then installed in the home, which clearly showed the Straubs, aged 40 and 34, kicking over the signs, placing dead mice and snakes in the driveway, cutting branches from trees, and otherwise damaging the property.

Pepitone said the house sitter showed police the footage and added that the Straubs, after they were confronted by police, just shrugged and confessed to the vandalism.

"They said they thought the signs were tacky," Pepitone explained.

While the Straubs face minor charges, at least one animal rights group expressed outrage at their actions.

Steven Conway, a humane educator with the Montgomery County SPCA, said the couple showed an appalling lack of respect for animal life.

“Clearly this is heinous behavior," Conway told Patch.

R U guessing ? July 03, 2013 at 10:17 PM
I can be professional when i want, On the blogs everything is C A S U A L . Get a LIFE, Laura !
Josh July 04, 2013 at 10:11 AM
Man, Lets be kind, a few folks have certain characteristics and opinions to respect; particularly about professionals in their 30's. Those same people who are supporting them the most ( and as they cross 40/45 in LM ) with benefits all other generations will never see. We are a stung generation but not lost. Now some must resort to harming snakes and mice to sell their Booth Ln house. Laura, I put my chips on the box that you are well educated and respected in your circle of life. To all, happy 4th. It hopefully means something to us all. I think we all just want PATCH to get these pics and video posted, report an event for real. Pics equal clicks.... That's more ad sales. Do it!! Tom?
Taylor July 09, 2013 at 07:21 AM
Andrea should be held to a hire standard because she is in the position of public trust. Jonathan never really sold real estate. He has a broken bottling marketing business. Andrea has finally met her match. Maybe she will stop wearing all that real estate makeup.
Josh July 09, 2013 at 09:40 AM
Now the attorney is saying they were treated unfairly and are not guilty. Way to stay on this one, Patch? So it's about a 235k difference in price- Straubs at just over 1 million and the vandalized property at 775k. Welcome to the neighborhood !! What is broken bottling marketing? Literally, is it recycling or a failing business per the above? Nosey folks want to know...
Taylor July 09, 2013 at 02:17 PM
Jonathan tries to market a juice product that provides health benefits. Just a lot of pricey marketing. Never made any real money. Best thing that ever happened to him was he married Andrea. Now that is not such a good thing. He can't live off her commissions as he did in the past.


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