Philadelphia Eagles Hang Tough in Win

The Birds outbrawl the Baltimore Ravens in another come-from-behind victory for 2-0 record.

Hang Tough.

That's the theme of the Philadelphia Eagles' second game of the season.

The angrier Bird won this brawlbath Sunday.

The Eagles came up with another come-from-behind victory, clipping the Baltimore Ravens 24-23 in a game that was scarier than any Edgar Allen Poe tale.

Remember the Body Bag Game? This came close, although not in the Birds' favor, as center Jason Kelce, tackle King Dunlap and wideout Jeremy Maclin got knocked senseless.

Quarterback Michael Vick spent more time on the turf once again, but hung in there to rally the Birds to victory with a solid drive, ending with his keeper into the end zone.

Vick started off strong until killing a drive with a poor pass into the end zone for an interception. Too many interceptions for Vick -- now six in two games.

But this was another nailbiter with Eagles fans hoping "Nevermore," "Nevermore" as Joe Flacco and the Ravens headed downfield.

The Ravens, with Ray Rice running like the Red Sea was parting, had a chance to get into field goal position in the final seconds, but the Big D hung tough, holding on a 4th and 2.

Luckily, a Ravens touchdown was called back for interference.

This victory was still sloppy. The Birds fumbled twice, Vick was intercepted twice and the team made three turnovers in the Red Zone.

That's now nine turnovers in two games. And that usually amounts to 0-2.

Not for these Birds.

Baltimore is a top contender, one of the best in the AFC, so this was a huge victory. And these are the games that good teams win when they always don't play so well.

Vick took a licking but kept on ticking, firing off precision passes all day to tight end Brett Celek, who had a huge game, and DeSean Jackson, who went over 100 yards receiving.

Jackson also hung tough when Ed Reed came over to knock his block off.

Maclin hung in there long enough to catch a touchdown pass.

But the defense really hung in there.

At one point, the Ravens were 3 for 12 converting on third down, a down the Birds usually give away like free T-shirts.

Middle linebacker DeMaco Ryans was all over the field and Mychael Kendricks was right behind him.

It wasn't pretty. But like last week against Cleveland, victories don't have to be.

If the Eagles can start taking care of the football, they might be dangerous.

So, as far as turnovers are concerned, "Nevermore," "Nevermore."

Ike September 18, 2012 at 03:19 PM
Ricky , wat is up with ya?????? Crazy butt Yall be illin
Ike September 18, 2012 at 03:32 PM
Rickee, its the year 2012, and we have a half man , i mean half white man as the President of the USA. And ya STILL be talkin tat racist crap..What be next ,ya gonna be tellin us to go back to Europe? PLEASE STOP THE HATE! ,,,,,,we all be peeps And on the football talk ,, soon it will be time for a CHANGE. We gonna need the big boy Nick Foles in there soon , as he will not be BROKEN , hurt , and its seems like he be pretty darm SMART. So MUCH LOVE IN THE WORLD,, cause all we need is LOVE
Ike September 18, 2012 at 05:59 PM
Ricky , why would ya want to hurt anyone?Do you play football, or swordfighter the video game?
Ricky Martin September 18, 2012 at 08:19 PM
You right! Ike. I got my emotions over my intelligence....
Ike September 21, 2012 at 03:07 PM
Yes , i know the feeling. I can get like that too. And alot worst most likey. LETS GO PEYTON!


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