Track the Easter Bunny's Trip to Your Town

Your kids can track a visit from the Easter Bunny with these fun online tools.

Credit: TrackEasterBunny.com
Credit: TrackEasterBunny.com
The Easter Bunny has been busy packing baskets all year, and your kids are probably excited for a visit.

If they can't control their excitement and ask every few minutes, "When is the Easter Bunny coming?" you're in luck—there are a couple of fun online tools that can keep them busy by tracking the bunny's progress around the world. 

TrackEasterBunny.com goes live early Saturday morning (a running clock is on the website), and you can track the Easter Bunny on the website here. The site provides a real-time interactive update to kids of all ages.

In 2013, the site tracked the Easter Bunny for more than 24 hours, plotting its movements from Christmas Island in Australia all the way to American Samoa. You can also follow Track Easter Bunny on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

And for the kids on iPhones and iPads, Toxic Spark has developed an app so they can track the Easter Bunny on the go. Download it here


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