Wynnewood Photo Location Revealed

Find out the history of the location pictured in a photo taken in 1935.

On Monday, we asked readers to identify the location of a 1935 photo taken somewhere in the Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch area.

As one reader correctly guessed, the photo was taken at 6 E Lancaster Ave. in Wynnewood—most recently Palmer Seminary.

At the time the photo was taken, however, the pictured building was known as the Green Hill Farms Hotel, a luxury hotel built in 1919. The property was sold to Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary (later Palmer Seminary) in 1939.

In an op-ed piece in 1939, a reader wrote to the Ardmore Chronicle that she had visited some "delightful banquets and dances in the ballroom, enjoying lunches and dinners on the open air terrance. We even spent an entire summer there some years ago with three or four rounds of twilight golf each week right at our back door."

Cross Properties, which purchased the Palmer campus this year, has plans to, in some ways, restore the property to its former glory. The plan is to create 132 , and amenities like an outdoor movie pavillion, a yoga room and business center. Read more about the transition here.


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