Health Inspections: Tiffin, Golden China Inspected

Montgomery County Health Department inspected 18 Ardmore, Merion and Wynnewood food establishments in the first half of January.

The Montgomery County Health Department conducted health inspections of 18 food service establishments in Ardmore, Merion, Wynnewood and Haverford between Jan. 1 and 15.

Each facility inspected Jan. 1-15 was found to have from 0 (Saxby's) to 9 (Soul Fed Cafe) infractions on a checklist of 54 items. Some were fixed on site, according to the report, and none of the facilities was required to shut down.

Click each facility's name to see its Patch directory listing and click the date of its inspection to read the health department's report. Scroll to the bottom of the report page to view the specific notes for each facility.

In our Patch directory listings, you can also rate each restaurant you've visited.

  • Chipotle, 133 W Lancaster Ave, Ardmore: 1/11/13
  • St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, 100 E Wynnewood Rd, Wynnewood: 1/9/13
  • CVS, 317 W Lancaster Ave, Ardmore: 1/10/13
  • Genji in Whole Foods, 339 E Lancaster Ave, Wynnewood: 1/3/13
  • Golden China, 27 Rittenhouse Pl, Ardmore: 1/9/13
  • Grape Leaves Grille, 40 Rittenhouse Pl, Ardmore: 1/9/13
  • Great Harvest Bread, 120 Coulter Ave, Ardmore: 1/14/13
  • 7-Eleven, 1401 W City Line Ave, Wynnewood: 1/2/13
  • Asian Box, 120 Coulter Ave, Ardmore: 1/4/13
  • Pallante's Pasta, 120 Coulter Ave, Ardmore: 1/4/13
  • Panera Bread, 278 E Lancaster Ave, Wynnewood: 1/9/13
  • Saxby's Coffee, 6 Coulter Ave, Ardmore: 1/4/13
  • Starbucks, 203 City Ave, Merion: 1/2/13
  • Tiffin, 50 E Lancaster Ave, Wynnewood: 1/11/13
  • Ultimate Bake Shoppe, 120 Coulter Ave, Ardmore: 1/2/13
  • Wendy's, 259 City Line Ave, Merion: 1/2/13
  • Whole Foods Markets, 339 E Lancaster Ave, Wynnewood: 1/3/13
  • Soulfed Cafe, 107 E County Line Rd, Ardmore: 1/2/13


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