The Top Banks in Ardmore, Wynnewood and Haverford

The FDIC released data on area banks last week.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation came out with data last week from Ardmore, Wynnewood and Haverford's banks for the fiscal year ending June 30.

The 13 local banks, listed below, are ranked in order of market share.

Citizen's Bank takes first place locally with $240 million deposited last year, a 19.64 percent market share. TD Bank's 18.49 percent market share is a close second, and Wells Fargo, with three local banks, ranked third in deposits locally, though in the Philadelphia area overall, it ranks first, according to Philadelphia Business Journal.

Bryn Mawr Trust Bank, the only bank on the list whose headquarters are local, came in fifth in market share among Ardmore, Wynnewood and Haverford banks. The bank is ranked No. 14 on a list of the top 50 banks in the Philadelphia area.

Below are Ardmore, Wynnewood and Haverford's banks, ranked from the largest market share to smallest.

Institution Name State
(Hqtrd) State/
Charter Local Offices Deposits from 6/30/11-6/30/12 Local Market
Share Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania PA State 27 E Wynnewood Rd, Wynnewood; 225 W Lancaster Ave, Ardmore $240,394,000 19.64% TD Bank, National Association DE Federal 401 West Lancaster Avenue
Haverford $226,228,000 18.49% Wells Fargo Bank, National Association SD Federal 125 W Lancaster Ave, Ardmore; 75 Saint James Pl, Ardmore; 50 E Wynnewood Rd, Wynnewood $216,107,000 17.66% Beneficial Mutual Savings Bank PA State 177 W Lancaster Ave, Ardmore; 20 Woodside Road, Ardmore $136,147,000 11.13% The Bryn Mawr Trust Company PA State 50 W Lancaster Ave, Ardmore $90,050,000 7.36% Sovereign Bank, National Association DE Federal 44 E Lancaster Ave, Ardmore $60,234,000 4.92% NOVA Bank PA State 18 E Wynnewood Rd, Wynnewood $49,900,000 4.08% Firstrust Savings Bank PA State 107 Coulter Ave, Ardmore $46,495,000 3.80% National Penn Bank PA Federal 331 E Lancaster Ave, Wynnewood $44,747,000 3.66% Bank of America, National Association NC Federal 250 E Lancaster Ave, Wynnewood $30,567,000 2.50% PNC Bank, National Association DE Federal 60 E Wynnewood Rd, Wynnewood $29,917,000 2.44% Susquehanna Bank PA State 76 E Lancaster Ave, Ardmore $27,746,000 2.27% Eagle National Bank PA Federal 354 Lancaster Ave, Haverford $25,222,000 2.06%
x October 16, 2012 at 10:44 AM
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