Restaurant Review: Jeannie’s Deli for Breakfast

Jeannie’s opens at 6am, Monday through Friday and is a great alternative for breakfast on the go.

Restaurant: Jeannie’s Deli
Address: 2 E Athens Ave, Ardmore, PA 19003
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Style: Eat-In / Take-Out Deli
Food: Breakfast, Lunch & Platters
Atmosphere: Bright & Welcoming
Service: Efficient Counter Service
Price: Under $10
Parking: Lot or Street
Unique Feature: Jeannie’s opens at 6am, Monday through Friday and is a great alternative for breakfast on the go.

As the year progresses and schedules become filled with appointments, classes, activities, and more commuting then the summer requires, meal planning becomes much more time-sensitive. Leisurely breakfasts are reserved for weekends, and suddenly, grabbing something within arm's reach on the way out the door (or worse, sitting in a drive-through line) becomes a reality.

But just because the daily grind is back and the holidays are coming up doesn’t mean busy people should resort to fast food. Not when there are local places, like Jeannie’s Deli in Ardmore, offering inexpensive, healthy, freshly made breakfast and lunch items at a moment's notice.

It was one of these rushed, rainy, and jam-packed mornings that led me to Jeannie’s this past week. A pang of hunger hit me midway through construction traffic on Lancaster Avenue. Two quick turns and I was walking into a bright, welcoming and delicious smelling deli.

I chose a pepper, egg and cheese sandwich, an order of oatmeal, and a fruit salad: grand total, under $10.

The menu is pretty extensive for a neighborhood deli, offering pancakes, grits and an assortment of bagels, danish and fruit. The coffee station was fully stocked, ready and waiting for the customer that stops in for a fast cup of joe, no frills necessary.

Within a matter of minutes, my order was up, paid for, and I was back on the road. Car eating is a skill one acquires over time; there’s a certain technique required, and of course the choice of meal is key in the equation.

I popped the top off of the oatmeal and steam rose from the cardboard soup pint. Watching the road, obviously, I dug in. The hearty rib-sticking choice was perfect for a rainy morning, and at under $2, it was a hard deal to beat. The serving size was much more generous than the usual packets I’m accustomed to. The woman who took my order asked if I’d like syrup or butter. I opted out, but in retrospect, I definitely should have gone with some kind of oatmeal accoutrement. The oats were au-natural, a change from the dried and re-hydrated stuff I’m used to, and delicious.

Next up was the pepper and egg sandwich. The minimally wrapped sandwich was covered in just a sheet of foil; very nice on the green footprint side of things. The peppers, which had been sliced fresh, were thin and cooked perfectly through. Their juices mixed with the melted cheese, and perfectly seasoned egg, creating a wonderfully drippy, cheese coated, finger licking good breakfast sandwich. Not so great for driving and eating, so I pulled over to quickly enjoy my breakfast, before rushing onto my next appointment. You live and learn.

Midway through the morning, once situated at a desk, I made my way to the fruit salad. Mixed fruit is a tough one; unless it’s the dead of summer, it’s not seasonal, at least not in this part of the country. But locavores be damned, this sure was a tasty array of fruit. Red and green grapes were joined by over-ripened strawberries, slices of honeydew, pieces of watermelon and chunks of pineapple that tasted like pure sugar.

For a breakfast on the go, and a price point too tough to resist, the quality and variety offered at Jeannie’s is a win-win. I can’t wait to give the lunch menu a try. 



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