Patch 101: How to Add Calendar Events

Want to promote your yard sale or invite the community to the church choir concert? Add it to the calendar.


A large part of Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch is our events calendar. We add upcoming events as we hear about them, but we don't know about everything going on in the community.

So we need your help. If your church is having its annual picnic, let us know. If your son's soccer team is holding a fundraiser to raise money for new uniforms, tell us where to go to help. There's room for bake sales, yard sales, school events, concerts, lectures, government meetings, fairs ... and more in our calendar.

Follow these steps to learn how to add your event, and help us fill our calendar.

  1. Select "Put an event on the calendar" at the bottom of the page in the contribute box, or choose "Events" from the tool bar. Once on the events page, you can click "Add an Event."
  2. Give your event a title, i.e. Troop 151 to Host Bake Sale
  3. Enter a date and time for the event.
  4. Either search for a location in the "Where" spot, or enter the address of the event.
  5. Add a description letting the community know what the event is for, who can come and anything else you think is relevant.
  6. Choose a category for the event.
  7. You can add a link to the Web site, contact information, price and a ticket Web site.
  8. Click "Post My Event," and it will show up on the events calendar shortly.

Now the whole Patch community will know about your event, and it might even be featured in a story. If you want to make sure the editor knows about the event as a story idea, be sure to send an email as well.


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