Marrone's Chosen As One Of Philly's Best Italian Restaurants

Philadelphia Magazine picked the 66-year-old Ardmore establishment as one of the area's top 30 Italian restaurants.

Marrone's, located at 2744 County Line Road in Ardmore, was highlighted by Philadelphia Magazine as one of Philly's best Italian restaurants.

"It was a months-long quest, and it took us through mountains of pasta, gallons of gravy, and more Limoncello than can possibly be healthy," reads the article of its quest to find the 30 best Italian restaurants in the Philly area.

Philadelphia Magazine calls Marrone's "the kind of place where when you ask a question that begins, 'Could I … ,' the response will always be something to the effect of 'You can do whatever you want here, hon.'"

"It’s not Vetri or Il Pittore, but that’s exactly why we love it," it reads. Philadelphia Magazine especially recommends the triple cheese upside-down pizza.

View the full slideshow of the top 30 Italian restaurants here.

Marrone's opened in 1946 by Peter and Frances Marrone, originally as a one-room men's bar, according to Marrone's website. Pizza, pasta and meatballs were eventually added to the menu, and the restaurant has been in the food business ever since.

Since 2000, Peter and Frances' daughter Patti and her husband Bob have owned the neighborhood restaurant.

"It was a very nice surprise," Patti said of the distinction. "We have no idea how we got in—we just got a phone call one day asking to come by for a photo.  It was a big surprise—but it's always nice to be recognized."


Marrone's is located at 2744 County Line Road in Ardmore and can be reached at 610-642-9567.

Have you been to Marrone's? Do you agree with the distinction? Tell us in the comments.

jules begaincs July 25, 2012 at 01:28 AM
Really? The staff is rude, the food mediocre, and they only take cash? IRS ??
kurt gutzler July 25, 2012 at 11:38 AM
Jules, it's cool...you obviously don't get it. It's not for everyone.


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