Kids Eat Local: Primo Hoagies

Find out how kid-friendly Primo Hoagies in Ardmore is.

Moms know how tough it can be to eat out with little ones. Patch wants to help you know before you walk in the door if Primo Hoagies is a good place to eat with your children.


Is there a kids’ menu? No, but any kind of sandwich you can imagine is available here. Kids will enjoy the meatball, turkey, ham, tuna, roast beef, cheese, chicken cutlet and even bologna sandwiches. The "small" sized sandwiches are better suited to younger diners.

Are there healthy options on the kids’ meal? There are healthier versions of the turkey, tuna and ham coldcuts in the "healthy choice" section of the menu.

How does the restaurant deal with food allergies? Alert the staff and they will try to accommodate you as best they can.

Is there a diaper changing station? No.

How difficult is it to maneuver a stroller through the dining area? During peak meal times the area in front of the counter will not be ideal for a stroller. The dining area allows for some stroller access.

Is the restaurant so quiet that any childish outburst will draw attention or is there enough noise that a small cry is likely to go unnoticed? Small cries will go unnoticed.

For the full review of Primo Hoagies, check back with Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch on Thursday.

christina c June 15, 2011 at 03:15 AM
i went there for lunch and noticed that none of the employyes washed there hands after handing money, picking up trash and even watched an employee wipe his nose on his arm above his wrist while making a sandwhich. my final draw was when the girl employee fixed he underware and pants with the same gloves that she continued making the sandwhich. i cancelled my order and confronted the employees, who just gave me an attitude and continued to work with cross containation. i have reorted this but believe even one should know. i love primos and still eat their hoagies i just drive 20 min out of my way for a cleaner and friendlier store.


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