Health Inspections: IHOP, Sang Kee Inspected

One restaurant among the eight food establishments inspected in early August had 16 health code violations.

The Montgomery County Health Department conducted nine health inspections of eight food service establishments in Ardmore and Wynnewood during the first half of August.

The most violations at one establishment so far this month? Sixteen, surpassing the highest count for the past few months— and .

Click each facility's name to see its Patch directory listing and click the date of its inspection to read the health department's report. Scroll to the bottom of the report page to view the specific notes for each facillity.

In our Patch directory listings, you can also rate each restaurant you've visited.

  • , 260 E Lancaster Ave, Wynnewood: 8/2/12
  • , 339 E Lancaster Ave, Wynnewood: 8/3/12 and 8/6/12
  • Earlington Men's Club, 6 E Athens Ave, Ardmore: 8/3/12
  • , 130 W Lancaster Ave, Ardmore: 8/7/12
  • , 4 Station Road, Ardmore: 8/2/12
  • , 7 E Lancaster Ave: 8/6/12
  • , 339 E Lancaster Ave, Wynnewood: 8/13/12
  • , 100 Lancaster Ave, Wynnewood: 8/3/12

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me August 25, 2012 at 01:56 PM
Glad to see most places were clean, but I'm grossed out by Sang Kee's results...


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