Gas Prices Rise in Ardmore: April 5

In just a week, prices rose by as much as 16 cents a gallon.

Gasoline prices rose across the board this past week in and around Ardmore, often by ten cents per gallon and more.

The Exxon at 200 W. Montgomery Avenue has the best prices on each sort of gasoline as of Tuesday evening, followed closely by the identically priced Cumberland Farms at 361 E. Lancaster Avenue and the Riggins at 637 E. Lancaster Avenue.

The Exxon at 2401 Haverford Road, the Sunoco at 330 E. Lancaster Avenue, and the LukOil at 1435 Lancaster Avenue are the three most expensive area stations.

I wish I could afford a Volt. I'll start saving when the gas gets cheaper. 

Station Address Regular Plus Premium 200 W. Montgomery Avenue, Ardmore $3.66 $3.78 $3.90 301 W. Lancaster Avenue, Ardmore $3.71 $3.81 $3.91 330 E. Lancaster Avenue, Ardmore $3.72 $3.86 $3.98 361 E. Lancaster Avenue, Wynnewood $3.66 $3.79 $3.92 637 E. Lancaster Avenue, Wynnewood $3.66 $3.79 $3.92 2401 Haverford Road, Ardmore $3.76 $3.86 $3.96 1401 City Avenue, Wynnewood $3.66 $3.86 $3.96 ** 1435 City Avenue, Wynnewood $3.65 $3.80 $3.90

*Prices have been rounded to the nearest cent.

**Cash Price. Credit/Debit is approximately nine cents a gallon more.


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