Bites Nearby: Grab and Go Sushi at Sushi Sei

Sushi Sei is a great place to pick up a quick lunch.

You could stand on a corner and look around until a restaurant sign draws you in. But we've got a better idea. Each week on Thursday at 5 p.m., Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch will pick a great restaurant either in town or nearby that is worth checking out. Here's this week's choice:


Overview: Tucked away in the at

Decor: Just walk right up to the counter, pick up a pre-made sushi platter or order a special to grab your food. Seats are usually available along the walls in two sections. Light green and orange chairs sit next to small glass tables against a row of large windows. It is a good setting for lunch for 1 or 2—larger groups will have to shuffle together some tables.

The Drinks: You can order water, juice, tea or energy drinks from the fridge, or you can take two steps to your left and grab a cup of coffee, located right next to Sushi Sei.

Appetizers: In addition to the main draw, Sushi Sei has miso soup, seaweed salad, shrimp dumplings and fresh spring rolls to kick-start your meal. Prices range from $3-5 per appetizer.

The Menu: Sushi Sei keeps it simple, it's all sushi all the time. The restaurant offers white or brown rice with regular rolls, inside-out rolls (rice on the outside) and special rolls. All of the basics are there—california roll, avocado roll, etc—and Sushi Sei also has a specialty rolls to keep things interesting, some of them packing a spicy punch. Prices range $5-10 per entree.

Service: Ordering food at Sushi Sei is quick and simple. Just grab what you want, pay and enjoy.

Other Notes: One downside to being in the Ardmore Farmer's Market is limited hours. Sushi Sei is open during lunch hours throughout the week, however, making it a good place to swing by and grab food. Two free parking lots right near the restaurant also make it easy to get in and out. Hours for Sushi Sei: Tue - Fri, 8:00am - 7:00pm; Sat, 8:00am - 6:00pm; Sun, 9:00am - 4:00pm

Sushi Sei (http://patch.com/L-jsHk)
Address: 120 Coulter Ave, Ardmore
Cost: $


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