Ardmore's Tired Hands ‘Brew Café:’ The Philosophy (Part II)

Jean Broillet wants his Ardmore Avenue business to be "a community institution."

This is the formula being brewed up at the Tired Hands “brew café” set to open at 16 Ardmore Avenue this coming winter: One part brewery serving the best beer around, one part profitable business, and one part “community institution.”

Jean Broillet, the proprietor, partner and brewmaster for Tired Hands, showed us around his place last week, which he bought outright on July 1. Ownership, it turns out, is another part of his business philosophy.

“There’s nothing transient about my model,” Broillet said. “I like the fact that we own land in Ardmore.”

On Monday, . Here in part II, we let Broillet explain in his own words the vision he has for what he hopes will be much more than a beer hall. He also explains the concepts behind buying and producing locally—even hyper-locally—and the meaning behind the name “Tired Hands.”

Finally, check out writer Amanda Mahnke’s .

We’ll check back in on Broillet later in the fall to see how things are progressing.


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