Ardmore Statue Finally Turns Into A Fountain

The new fountain at Lancaster and Ardmore avenues began running on Friday.

More than a month after its ribbon-cutting ceremony—and nearly seven months after its installation, Ardmore's new water fountain, the centerpiece of a project to spruce up Lancaster and Ardmore Avenues, started flowing Friday morning.

In a brief 8:30 a.m. ceremony, project director Angela Murray, Lower Merion Parks and Recreation director Lindsay Taylor, and parks supervisor Dave D'Angelis flipped the "on" switch and ushered in a wetter, more aesthetic era for Ardmore's downtown.

The fountain, located in front of the Ardmore branch of Bryn Mawr Trust, was installed in November. But plans to make it operational were delayed, first due to cold weather, then again in the Spring when rain and chillier than expected temperatures made it difficult to paint the base of the pool.

The roughly 10-foot tall fountain, which supports three tiers of pools that spill over into one another and finally into a base pool, was somewhat controversial even before the delays.

While the fountain itself cost $135,000, the larger revitalization project came in $250,000 over budget and cost $900,000—the entirety of which the Township will pay for, after a Montgomery County grant for the project fell through.

The fountain will be monitored by the Lower Merion Department of Parks and Recreation, but its day-to-day maintenance is the responsibility of Bryn Mawr Trust.

Bob Guzzardi June 11, 2011 at 10:32 AM
well done piece of journalism. One might think that the $900. 000 project which included the Bryn Mawr Trust Gateway Fountain was unnecessary. It seems to have fixed something that wasn't broken. At the least, a misallocation of community-taxpayer resources siphoning money away from the productive, job creating private sector.
Bob Guzzardi June 11, 2011 at 10:52 AM
excellent pics especially the one showing the water falling. very nice. thanks for bringing us up to date. The Forgotten Taxpayer has to think that the $900,000 fixed something that wasn't broken. FYI I posted this article at Save Ardmore Coalition web site where the nonbubbling Gateway Fountain has been a subject of bloggers. It seems to me that this $900,000 project tells us something about mindset of Majority Commissioners. Either ideologically committed to useless expenditures "for the common good" or incompetently executing their plans. or both.


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