Penn Wynne Library Plans a Summer of Science and Stories

Penn Wynne Library has a great list of events for your little ones this summer.

The Penn Wynne Library is celebrating Children's Book Week with a few activities for the little ones, but the fun doesn't end on Saturday. This library—this very tiny library—is a great source for free events for children throughout the summer.

Bonnie Davis, children's librarian of Penn Wynne, is working toward having projects or educational events at least once a week throughout their summer reading program, which runs from June 20 through mid-August.

For Children's Book Week, Penn Wynne Library has teamed up with the Main Line Arts Center to do a Spring Craft Workshop. 

Today (May 4) at 4:15 p.m., children will be working on creating their own spring gardens using a blend of different mixed materials. Katie Groppi, of Main Line Arts Center, says the children will receive a repurposed tin planter and use a variety of materials to build a mini flower garden. The children can choose to use green tissue paper for grass, a baking cup for flowers and plenty of everyone's favorite craft supply—pipe cleaners. The craft project is designed for children ages 4 to 9.  (If they are 4 or 5, they need to be accompanied by a guardian.) There are still spots available if you want  to reserve a spot (610-642-7844).

Another ongoing activity at Penn Wynne is Toddler Story Time on Mondays, and on Wednesdays around 11 a.m., Beverly Davis creates an interactive show for the very little ones—the program is designed to entertain ages 1 to 3. Davis shares stories and books with the toddlers, plays music and even does a little puppet show, tying in the themes of whatever season or holiday is happening at the time.

One of the major programs this summer at the Penn Wynne Library is their "Science in the Summer" series.  On June 22 and 23, children between 2 and 6, at age-appropriate levels, can take a fun but intense science course funded by GlaxoSmithKline.

For about 15 years, children have been benefiting from this program, which is available at other libraries in the area as well. During the two-day course, kids are taught by experienced elementary and middle school science teachers and get to perform some experiments. The class is fairly structured, and every year there is a specific topic and theme; this year it is "Physical Science and Electricity."  The classes are free, but limited to 15 children per level, so contact the library to make a reservation. 

"Science in the Summer" is one of their most popular programs.  Davis explained how one local child came each year he was eligible. Now that he is too old for the class, he volunteers and helps out with the other children. His mother told Davis these classes were one of the main reasons he excels in and loves science.

Davis is still working on more activities for the summer. The state of Pennsylvania has issued a theme for library programs, "One World, Many Stories."  The theme has an Around the World in 80 Days image, so some events will be planned around that idea. Also, every year the library has a program for children who love to read or be read to. Children can tell the library how many books they read for the week and if they meet their goals, they get prizes. For the very little children, the library counts the books that have been read to them—Davis sees the need to reward young readers at any level. 

Davis is also looking to bring back a very popular guest: Lynne and her Safari Party. In past years, Lynne has brought in many exotic animals to the library and taught the audience about each critter and its habitat. The appearances are usually standing room only events. 

"For the size [of the library] we have a lot of great resources," explained Davis, adding that the surrounding bedroom community of Penn Wynne is extremely supportive of a library that is smaller than many of its homes. 

The Penn Wynne Library is located at 130 Overbook Parkway in Penn Wynne.


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