Lankenau's Scanner First in the State

The area medical center is the first in PA to get a piece of scanner technology.

recently became the first medical center in the state to utilize robotic fluorescence imaging in cancer surgery, according to a release from Main Line Health.

“Florescence imaging enhances the surgeon’s vision and allows for more precision and control of the already minimally invasive da Vinci surgery,” said Dr. John Marks, chief of the Section of Colorectal Surgery at the hospital. “It permits the surgeon to perform complex surgeries in a more precise, organ sparing manner.”

According to the release, fluorescence imaging technology offers the capability of providing real-time, image-guided identification of key anatomical landmarks. The specially designed video camera and laparoscopic endoscope allow surgeons to capture images of tissue and surrounding blood and lymphatic vessels by intravenously injecting a green colored dye called IndoCyanine Green (ICG) that is then activated by near-infrared light.

The surgeon can then switch camera views between standard real time images and images illuminated by the dye.

“Acquiring these technological advances has allowed us to maintain cutting edge colorectal surgery," Marks said.


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