Historical Photo Location Revealed

Read on to learn the answer to this week's historical photo challenge.

On Monday, Patch asked readers to , taken somewhere in Lower Merion.

Two readers were right: the location is Haverford College's duck pond.

According to the Lower Merion Historical Society website:

The Duck Pond has long been used for ice skating by Haverford students, and in the 1950s it was also used for punishing "naughty" freshman...they were thrown into it, fully clothed.

The pond was apparently only a winter novelty (it was a pasture in the summer) until the 1930s when a student created plans to make it a permanent fixture.

Kudos to Patch readers and , who correctly identified the location of the photo.

If you have your own photos or memories of the Haverford College duck pond, feel free to share them here.

Check back Monday for a new photo challenge.


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